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Attack on Titan MOD APK is an action game based on the story of anime. You will get to play with your beloved and familiar characters. Pick a character, upgrade it and begin a war against titans.
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Attack on Titan MOD APK – Anime and Japanese movies are catching so much acknowledgment among youth. A lot of games have also been developed using the plot of the anime. Anime games are affectionately greeted by online gamers owing to their history and recognizable storyline. Anime games have become a best-seller with their breathtaking action gameplay. One of the most popular action anime games is Attack on Titan MOD APK, developed by Lotus Game Studios.


The anecdote of this game orbits around three closed companions. Their operation is to wipe out Titans by any means. Titans broke the protective wall of Shinganshina. They started to kill and eat people. One of the victims of Titans was Erin’s mother. He encountered this heinous incident with his own eyes. Now Erin and his companions are in charge of massacring every Titan with their own hands. However, great power is required to accomplish its mission. Your task in this game is to build these characters’ power and help them to complete their mission.

attack on titan mod apk

Gameplay Attack on Titan MOD APK

You will play the role of Eran in the Attack on Titan: Assault MOD APK. Your chief mission is to defend your motherland from titans. This is your single task in this game. You will accomplish certain tasks at Shinganshina at the commencement of the game. Discover non-player characters in the game. They will assist you in tracing titans. Additionally, they will also direct you about approaches to demolish titans.

You have only a single tool with which to move your sword and Omni in the game. The Omni moving tool will facilitate you to fly in the sky whilst clashing with the Titan. You can evade the attack of Titan while you are in the air. This also assists you in attacking their weak spots. This attack can prevent them from the defense.

Titans have the ability to heal quickly. Therefore, assail diverse parts of their body over and over again. Deteriorate their power and slaughter them. Make a cut on the nape of their neck. Slaughtering them by cutting their nape or neck is the sole way to finish Titan. This spot is their Achilles’ heel.

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After the achievement of each mission, this game rewards with a bonus. Exercise this reward to upgrade your character and weapons. Upgrading can enhance your attack capabilities. Gameplay will turn out to be more intense when new maps unlock with every level up. A mammoth amount of mighty Titans will emerge as the game continues. Make your character as strong as possible. Just good skills will not take you anywhere in this game. Attack on Titan Premium MOD APK offers 3 characters. Each character swanks its own meticulous proficiencies. Upgrade your character to 3 stars gold and learn new fighting expertise to conquer Titans.

attack on titan mod apk

Features of Attack on Titan MOD APK

Character Advancement Approaches 

Choose a course to develop your character at the very beginning of the game. Attack on Titans Hack MOD APK provides four kinds of courses to develop the character. These involve attack, protection, revival, and support. Each category of these courses seizes its own benefits and shortcomings. You are obliged to opt for a course that counterparts your warfare dexterousness.

Recognizable Anime characters to Clash

Attack on Titan MOD APK’s latest version offers familiar characters to fight in the game. Every character has its own unique traits and owns weak points. The potential of each character is verified by their background chronicles. Choose the character according to the character development path. Download Time Princess MOD APK

Character Upgrading

Character skill upgrading is one of the most difficult tasks in this game. You need to collect multiple essential incentives to build your character powerfully. It is impractical to eradicate titans without a great character. Titans are mighty beings with quick healing abilities. Hasty and powerful attacks are needed to the carnage of the Titans. Attack on Titan VIP MOD APK offers rewards, numerous incentives, and amplified trials to upgrade your character. Download Attack on Titan MOD APK for Androids straight away and get pleasure from its gripping gameplay.

Multiple Modes

Attack on Titan Cracked MOD APK offers multiple modes to play to build it more tempting. Almost every mode needs multiple players to partake in the game. Assemble your gang and instigate the confrontation against the Titans. You can also play offline with Attack on Titan MOD APK’s offline version.

Plentiful Weapons

The MOD version of Attack on Titan offers scores of armaments to confront against Titans. At the commencement of the game, you hold a single word. The most up-to-date and powerful armament will be unlocked with every stage up. With Attack on Titan MOD APK All Weapons Unlocked, you can get a hold of any weapon of your desire.

Unlimited Money

Money is one of the chief elements of this game. This game entails money to advance your character and its aptitudes. The official version of Attack on Titan does not offer sufficient money. With Attack on Titan MOD APK Unlimited Money, you can now turn your character into a most powerful being.

Several other features of the Attack on Titan MOD Menu include

  • Unlimited blades
  • Unlimited gas
  • God mode
  • Anti-ban
  • No ads
  • High dame

attack on titan mod apk

How to Download Attack on Titan MOD APK

The Premium version of Attack on Titan is not handy on Google Play. Follow these steps to download the Attack on Titan MOD APK for free:

  • To download from third-party sources, approve unknown sources from the privacy list of options on your device.
  • Search the MOD version of Attack on Titan. Download the APK file.
  • Follow the guidelines inside the APK file to install the game on your device.
  • Have fun with the action-thrill gameplay of the game!


Attack on Titan MOD APK is an action game based on the story of anime. You will get to play with your beloved and familiar characters. Pick a character, upgrade it, and begin a war against Titans. Build your gang and slaughter each and every Titan with their help. This game will ensure you a fun time with its breathtaking tasks and bloodthirsty gameplay. Download this game instantaneously and go on a journey full of action!

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