Best Strategy Games in 2024 For Android

Best Strategy Games – Strategy is known to be the most dynamic, rich, and diverse genre of the gaming world. These games bring thrill and action to your plate, where you need to squash the enemies with your brain. You are required to manage all combat elements, harvest energy sources, and build and maneuver troops with excellent policies. These games emphasize on powerful analytical reasoning, long-term planning, and strong decision-making skills to achieve victorious outcomes. These games offer multiple paths and victory only depends on the skillful thinking of the players to overcome the challenges.

With the rising popularity of strategy games, we have collected a list of a few best strategy games for androids for their enthusiasts. Here are our 5 best strategy games of 2022:

State of Survival

Genre: Strategy, Zombie-Survival; Released Date: 2019

The State of Survival does not need any introduction. This is one of the most popular strategy games developed by FunPlus International in the collaboration with the famous TV series “Walking Dead”. It is infamous for its hostile and intense settings. It takes you to unforgiving surroundings bursting with malicious zombies. You will participate in loads of revitalizing challenges and fight for your life in this shattering world. Only excellent tactics can save you from this horror.

State of Survival

Fort Conquer

Genre: Strategy, Action; Released Date: 2012

Fort Conquer is one of the most famous strategy games introduced by DroidHen. This game takes you to a mystical world full of mythical creatures, including beasts, dragons, etc. This is an action-packed world, where animals have evolved into fierce monsters with powerful abilities. You will get to collect and tame these powerful mythical creatures and train them into warriors. You will build your tower and protect your territory. All the tasks and missions in the game required strong building strategies and long-term planning to win over the evil enemies.

Fort Conquer

Total Conquest

Genre: Strategy; Released Date: 2013

Total Conquest is one of the best strategy games, developed by Gameloft SE, to play in 2022. This legendary game takes you back to explore the fallen Roman Empire. The whole world is in turmoil and royals are fighting over the throne. In this whole commotion, you will assume the identity of a governor and endeavor to protect the lands and its people from extortion. You will have to display critical decision-making skills and challenge the dexterity of your brain to encounter dangers and build a scrupulous defense structure to protect your people.

Best Strategy Games Total Conquest

Boom Beach

Genre: Strategy; Released Date: 2014

Boom Beach, developed by Supercell, is one of the best strategy games of all time. This game is famous for its dynamic settings, engaging content, and unpredictable outcomes. This game takes you to a deserted island, where people have been abducted by a monster. You will build your own building and a fort on this island. You will also lead a troop to rescue the people and destroy the monster of the island. However, the accomplishment of this goal requires a strong tactical structure. Only good planning can take you toward your goal.

Best Strategy Games boom beach

Pocket Ants

Genre: Strategy; Released Date: 2020

Pocket Ants brings good news for the lovers of the movie “Ant-Man”. This game takes you to the world of the ant, where you will get to understand their behaviors. How do dwell in the small hole? Also, how do ants collect resources for their food? How do ants choose their queen? In what ways and serve their queen? These are some questions often asked out of inquisitiveness. This game allows you to become join the ants and become their groups. You will join them in their quests to build and protect their colonies. You will take them to the wars to fight the other evil insects. Every task in the game demands good teamwork and proper planning. While participating in fun experiences with ants, you will also get to learn about social interactions and behaviors.

Pocket Ants



Strategy games have been becoming the talk of the town these days. Their unique gameplay, diverse content, challenging settings, and engaging plot gained them a lot of success. Online gamers are always in seek of distinctive gameplay. Here we have put together a few best strategy games which have gained huge popularity in 2022. Play these games and hook yourself on the mobile phone for hours.

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