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Dead Trigger MOD APK is a first-shooter game based on zombie catastrophes. This game is jam-packed with horror, action, adventure, and thrill. You will participate in several blood-thirsty missions, fight zombies, and attempt to rescue and protect the survivors.
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Dead Trigger MOD APK – Survival games take the players to the most intense and hostile settings, making them famed among online gamers. These games challenge you to fight for your life, without actually fighting for your life. These games integrate robust thirst and hunger systems and put on trials to survive with nothing when the whole society crumbles under a catastrophe.

Most resonating survival games are based on zombie disasters. Zombie apocalyptic games take to the unforgiving and perilous settings with invigorating challenges, offering adventure and thrill to the players. One such preeminent zombie survival game is Dead Trigger MOD APK for Androids.

What is Dead Trigger MOD APK?

Dead Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold is a first-person shooting game published by MADFINGER Games. This game takes to the intense shooting screen, where you need to exercise innovative weapons in order to fight and exterminate the zombies. This game lands you in dynamic combat against hordes of undead while carrying out several missions and tasks.

You can win exciting prizes after every kill and mission. Besides zombies, this game also allows you to fight against several treacherous bosses and other online players. This game has been entitled as one of the best and most eminent games belonging to the survival genre, along with its striking graphics. This game is a splendid choice for the lover of the shooter, action, and role-playing games. Similar games Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK.


Dead Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Gold takes to a fictional plot where a scientific experiment went wrong, causing a worldwide zombie catastrophe. Most of the population got infected by the zombie strain, leaving few survivors.

The government and military established an anti-zombie organization with the name “No Hope” to control the situation. However, their all efforts went in vain, leading to the disintegration of the organization. Undead zombies are strolling everywhere on the road and are attacking people.

This disaster led to hopelessness, as people are unable to migrate to protected areas. As a former of the No Hope, you took control to fight the zombie and protect the survivor in the midst of this turmoil. Your efforts led to the establishment of another organization with the name “The Hideout”, with six talented individuals.

Members of this organization include medic, engineer, technologist, gunsmith, smuggler, and shooter, where the shooter is the main character. You will take the role of the shooter. You will endeavor along with another member to fight the zombie, protect the survivors, and find the cure to reinstate the peace in the world. Also, check Archero MOD APK.

Gameplay Dead Trigger MOD APK

Dead Trigger MOD APK All Unlocked takes to the unsympathetic settings chock-full of zombies. You will play the role of the shooter and will try to rescue the people. Also, you will fight the heinous walking dead and will collect resources to help the survivors. You will participate in various missions and fight the mutated undead.

This game has incorporated various kinds of zombies to enhance the horror and thrill of the game. You will need to collect innovative weapons, including guns, baseball bats, bombs, crowbars, and other explosives, to kill those zombies.

You may encounter various waves of zombies on a single mission. Besides zombies, you can also challenge another online player through the online Zombie Trigger. What is more, this game involves over 10 game modes, each involving different settings and maps with several missions and tasks.

You will procure several rewards after the accomplishment of each task. Use your rewards to unlock new weapons and upgrade your character. Download Dead Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Money/Gems/Ammo and commence your journey to annihilate the evil zombies.

Features of Dead Trigger MOD APK

Loads of Weapons to Collect

Weapons are one of the primary elements of the Dead Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Everything. You need powerful weapons to defeat the hungry monsters. This game offers several kinds of guns, grenades, radar, mines, cutters, and other explosive items.

Use these weapons to take down the zombies. Besides, you can also fight with bats and crowbars to crush the heads of the zombies. Participate in several missions to collect rewards and bonuses. Use those rewards to unlock new weapons and new upgrades.

Multiple Modes to Play

Dead Trigger MOD APK Unlocked Everything offers several modes, each involving a diverse environment. Among several modes, two are chiefly followed in the game. These two modes include mission mode and campaign mode.

  • In mission mode, you will encounter waves of unlimited undead monsters. You will have to use tactics to defeat these zombies.
  • Campaign mode involves never-ending gameplay. You will have to complete several tasks in this mode. Most task centers on the rescue and protection of the survivors.

Each mode allows you to collect a huge mass of rewards and prizes. You can use those rewards to collect and upgrade the weapons. You will also be able to unlock a new level after the accomplishment of every task. Unlock new levels and new upgrades to enhance the strength of your character.

Vibrant Graphics and Sounds

This game has been designed with eye-catching graphics and top sound effects. Characters, zombies, and weapons have been designed with unique and vibrant colors, giving the action-packed appearance of the gameplay.

MOD Features of Dead Trigger MOD APK

It offers premium and paid features for free. Several MOD features of the Dead Trigger involve:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Rank
  • God Mode
  • Unlocked All Weapons
  • Increased Head-Shot Kill Damage
  • Unlimited Gadgets
  • Increased Arena Score and Waves

Dead Trigger MOD APK Download

This game is not available on Google Play. You can download the Dead Trigger MOD APK Premium Unlocked through third-party sources.

  • Allow the download from unknown sources on your device.
  • Search the MOD version of Dead Trigger online.
  • Download the APK file presented on the online site.
  • Open the file and trail the guidelines in it to download the game.


Dead Trigger MOD APK is a first-shooter game based on zombie catastrophes. This game is jam-packed with horror, action, adventure, and thrill. You will participate in several blood-thirsty missions, fight zombies, and attempt to rescue and protect the survivors.

Also, you will collect several cruel weapons and go against flocks of zombies. You will also get to fight against the other online players. Download the Dead Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Money and set off on a precarious journey to save the world from the rancorous zombie strain.


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