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Elune MOD APK is a turn-based role-playing game with the elements of battling and tactics. This game is famous for its inimitable game modes, which allow the players to participate in dramatic battles. With the unique storyline, this game lets the players explore different dimensions by assuming the identity of the dimension-protectors known as Elunes.
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Elune MOD APK – Role-playing games (RPGs) have always been a hot topic among online gamers. RPGs are famous for story enrichment and unique character development. These games take you to settings, where players can assume the identity of their imaginations. Enthusiasts of games always seek unique gameplay with elements of excitement, thrill, and adventure. Technological advancement has led to the development of hundreds of thousands of games. If you are also seeking to participate in gameplay with elements of role-playing, tactics, and battling, then you are in the right place.

What is Elune MOD APK?

Elune MOD APK Unlimited Damages & Defense Multiplier is an excellent role-playing game with the combat styles developed by GAMEVIL. This game is a perfect combination of battle and tactical formation. This game lets you take the role of a monster hunter. In order to defeat the evil forces and monsters, you will join the dramatic journey of “Moon Gods”, also known as Elunes or dimension-protectors.

You will assist the Elune warriors to search for the Dark Stone to obtain its terrible power for yourself. You will participate in loads of exciting battles against the dark forces to accomplish your goal. With unique characters, an excellent storyline, and amazing combat elements, this game is definitely not to be missed.


The plot of Elune MOD APK Unlimited Money tells a unique tale of chaos, dimension creation, and Elunes. At the beginning of time, this unique universe was an empty space. Chaos happened, which made a way toward the order in the universe. The creator of the universe made 7 different dimensions. One of the dimensions was named Astoria, in which living beings, including elves and wild people, were also being created. However, the chaos also created a hidden dimension having monsters and evil forces.



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Those monstrous creatures are cruel and trying to intrude the Astoria. They have been killing the living beings in Astoria, leaving them on the verge of extinction. In the midst of all this disarray, the creator created the dimension-protectors known as Elunes. You will join the Elunes on their exciting journey to prevent the ferocious activities of evil forces and establish peace in the universe.

Gameplay Elune MOD APK

The gameplay of Elune MOD APK for Android is a tactical squad-building game designed to give the best playing experience with different styles. This game takes you on an adventurous journey along with different characters, including Lato, Lyn, and Medina. You will simulate the role of the dimension-protector and help your character to protect the peace in the universe.

You will participate in various exciting missions with the ultimate goal of finding Dark Stone. Additionally, this game offers a diverse character system with 200 characters, each with a distinctive image and exclusive powers. These characters have been divided into five classes, involving assassins, witches, gladiators, tankers, and supporters, based on their jobs in the game. With a huge collection of characters, you can formulate various types of squads to fight evil forces.

Besides collecting characters, you can also customize their looks and enhance their fighting abilities. This game also offers several modes to participate in the game. You can either play against bosses or participate in PVP battles. Each mode will help you to develop excellent tactics and build a powerful squad. Download Elune MOD APK Unlimited Money and embark on the dramatic battles along with your unique heroes.

Features of Elune MOD APK

Immense collection of heroes

Elune MOD APK Unlocked Everything offers a huge collection of heroes, which you can unlock as you make progress in the game. There are over 200 characters, each with unique skills, powers, and fighting abilities. Every character in the game has a distinctive image and appearance. These characters have been categorized into different kinds, depending on their role in the game. These categories include gladiators, assassins, witches, tankers, and supporters.

Upgrade the characters

Elune MOD APK Latest Version has integrated a large variety of upgrades for the characters. Try to collect 5 stars for your character to enhance its skills and abilities to the maximum.

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Collect a huge variety of equipment

Besides character upgrades, Elune MOD APK Unlimited Defense Multiplier lets you accelerate your characters’ defense and damage abilities through several types of equipment. Each character involves an in-built equipment structure, offering it the power of speed, defense, damage, HP, etc. You need to advance your levels and earn riches to collect the latest equipment with super abilities and powers. You can also collect them from the lucky wheel of the shop.

Collect soul cards

Soul cards are one of the best ways to enrich the power of your heroes. Each hero entails his own sole card, offering him unique abilities during the battles. However, these demand certain conditions to activate. You may have to collect 6 stars to activate the most powerful cards. Download Elune MOD APK Unlimited Soul Cards and unlock infinite powers in the chaotic world of Elunes.

Different modes to play

Elune MOD APK Unlimited Everything offers a limitless adventure and thrill with different in-built game modes. Several modes involve distinctive gameplay, enhancing the interest of players with their diverse elements.

  • You can participate in boss fights and go against the evil creatures of the hidden dimension.
  • You can also participate in 5V5 fights, where you will combat the other online players. You can create your powerful squad with the help of the unique 200 characters of the game.

Each mode offers intense battles between squads. You will have to formulate tactics to win over the powerful enemies in each mode.

MOD Features of Elune MOD APK

Elune MOD Menu offers free access to the paid and premium features of the game. Several MOD features of Elune include:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Damage
  • Unlimited Defense Multiplier
  • Inflict True Damage

Elune MOD APK Free Download

Elune MOD APK Premium Unlocked is not available on Google Play. You can download the MODDED Elune APK from third-party sources.

Follow these steps to download the Elune MOD APK for free:

  • Unlock the downloading from unknown sources on your device.
  • Search the MOD version of Elune online.
  • Install the APK file available on the site and follow the direction within it to download the game.


Elune MOD APK is a turn-based role-playing game with the elements of battling and tactics. This game is famous for its inimitable game modes, which allow the players to participate in dramatic battles. With the unique storyline, this game lets the players explore different dimensions by assuming the identity of the dimension-protectors known as Elunes. Download this game, participate in exciting battles, and assist the Elune warriors to defeat the evil monsters and protect the peace of the universe.


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