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Horrorfield MOD APK is a survival game based on psychopaths and killers. It has integrated several survivor and maniac characters. You can choose either side and begin to play the game.
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Horrorfield MOD APK – Survival games involve the most adventurous and thrilling gameplay. Players learn to survive on their own in the dark and ghastly places. The struggle for survival while searching for food entices the players. They can learn how they will retort during a catastrophe or disaster. Horror-field MOD APK for Androids is one of the most admired games with bloodcurdling and adventurous gameplay.

Horrorfield MOD APK Unlimited Money unlocks combat between the survivors and the psychopath. The psychopath will try to prevent the players from escaping the asylum. Evading characters entails refurbishing numerous generators and being alert to the surrounding aspects. The psychopath-killer can discover shrieks or injured targets easily. This game takes you into a mind-boggling world in which you will strive hard to stay alive.

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Horrorfield MOD APK Unlimited Everything takes you to a deserted alyssum. You are captured by some psychopath criminals, along with some other characters. Also, you will explore bizarre objects and eerie occurrences in this murky prospect. You will participate as different characters having unique skills and perks. These skills can assist you in enduring the rage of the adversary. In every situation, players direct a character and use their capacities and abilities to unravel mysteries and evade snares. You will save the lives of your squad while looking for traces and resolving mysteries. Keep in mind that psychopaths also enclose powers. Therefore, work together in a team and solve the riddles to escape the base. Do your best at evading the criminals before they slaughter you to death.

Horrorfield MOD APK

Gameplay Horrorfield MOD APK

Horrorfield Hack MOD APK is an online spine-tingling game involving 1vs4 technicalities. It has mixed scores of aspects and exhilarating moments to fuel everyone’s senses. It has an integrated vibrant 3D graphics engine, building the ambiance and illumination effects creepy and genuine. Loads of thrilling events will also occur frequently, ensuring countless great prizes for players to do their utmost. Horrorfield Cracked MOD APK will take everybody on big closed maps. Every map has a diverse structural design and unique interfaces for the survivor to flee or maniacs to locate. Every situation’s thrill enhances the gameplay significance to new heights.

You can locate the uncanny bases were several rivals reign. You will learn to run from the foe, and exploit diverse things and your abilities. Also, you will unlock the protected paths and plan your getaways. Cooperate with your squad and avoid getting caught by the criminals. You will meet your demise if you get caught for the third time. Additionally, you can also participate as a psychopath. You can engage in your pleasing chase of other survivors. You need to end the game by taking down all the other players before they could flee from your cage.

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Features of Horrorfield MOD APK

Several Survivors with Unique Strengths

Horrorfield Cracked MOD APK offers a variety of characters to participate in the game. If you like to change your avatar frequently, then you will enjoy this game. Every character encloses its own special skills. There are about 7 survivors with their exclusive abilities. A basketball player is able to run quicker than others. The doctor has healing powers. Engineers are able to repair power generators and can make several armaments to protect themselves. A burglar can put him out of sight with more slyness and dexterity. The Mercenary is a warrior who isn’t scared of psycho. Scientists can advance the armed tools to assist in battling the murderer. A police officer is able to catch the psycho. You will have to use tactics while exercising the skills of your character. Every character has been unlocked for free in the Horrorfield MOD APK All Character Unlocked.

Play as Psychopath

You can have the advantage of thrilling gameplay as the psychopath. You can have pleasure while following, hunting, and slaughtering the other players. Also, you can travel around the murky maps while snooping to hums from the heartbeat of scared victims. You can trail them, overcome certain hindrances, and take them down with dreadful weapons.

Several Maniac Characters with Exclusive Abilities

Horrorfield Maniac MOD APK has integrated several psychopath characters. Every character has its own strengths, helping them to slaughter their prey quickly. A butcher can break the repaired generators to prevent the survivors from escaping. A ghost can get passed through closed doors and walls. This character is great to frighten the souls of victims, owing to their sneaky walk. A cultist is a monster and a fearsome product of mental hospitals. It slaughters the victims to pack more power for themselves. The beast is a werewolf monster that can rip down the other players into pieces in a mere few seconds.

Several Items to Craft

This game lets you locate several in-game items. You can use these articles to craft the tools which will help you in escaping the psychopath. Horrorfield MOD Menu now offers all in-game items for free. You can now easily upgrade your game with the MOD version.

Varied Maps with Varied Settings

Horrorfield Map Hack MOD APK has incorporated a variety of maps. Every map involves its own creepy settings. You will encounter several unique mysteries and uncanny occurrences while exploring every map. All maps have been unlocked for free in the Horrorfield Premium Unlocked MOD APK.

Horrorfield MOD APK

How to Download Horrorfield MOD APK

Horrorfield VIP MOD APK is not available on Google Play. Google Play does not access MOD or premium versions of the applications. You can download the MOD version of Horrorfield from third-party sources.

Follow these steps to download the Horrorfield MOD APK for free:

  • Permit the installation from third-party sources on your device by enabling the unknown sources setting.
  • Search MOD version of Horrorfield online.
  • Click on the downloading button and follow the guideline to install the game.
  • Log in to the game and set off on a scary journey!


Horrorfield MOD APK is a survival game based on psychopaths and killers. It has integrated several survivor and maniac characters. You can choose either side and begin to play the game. As a psychopath, your job is to hunt the survivors and take them down before they could succeed in escaping your base. As a survivor, you will cooperate with your squad and try your best to escape. This game featured loads of thrilling activities which will always keep you on your toes. So download this game right away and land in the world of adventure and terror.

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